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Oasis Lodge #52

"The Place to be for Masonry"

Lodge Committees

Trestle Board EditorBro. Jon Henke305-5468
Ritual DirectorsWB Paul Nordstrom
WB Dan Tulloh
Masonic EducationWB Tim Yaiser661-3008
Candidates, Coaches, MentorsSenior Warden
WB Dean Millard
Annual Veteran's Day Poker RunBro. Ray Donohue203-3252
Spring Masonic Family and Friends NightWB Randy Jager405-6098
Public SchoolsWB Roger Cousineau808-9757
Fall Masonic Family and Friends NightWB Mike Bravin981-1688
Membership CommitteeWB Jerry Badinger749-4307
Mason of the YearSenior or Junior Warden
Current MOTY
(1) Master Mason (TBA)
Long Range PlanningWB Jerry Badinger749-4307
Widows/Welfare/AssistanceWB Paul Weathers
WB Frank Rice
Sickness and DistressWB Paul Weathers290-6260
Youth GroupsWB Dean Millard298-0765
By Laws/Dues/ReliefWB Jerry Badinger749-4307
Oasis 52 Web MasterWB Frank Rice546-1308
Masonic CommunicationWB Mike Bravin981-1688
Public RelationsWB Bruce McLaughlin339-4641