Oasis Lodge #52

Oasis Lodge #52

"The Place to be for Masonry"

Pay Dues or Donate Online

Annual Dues are $148.00. You can pay your dues by sending a check or paying cash directly to the Lodge secretary. You can also pay your dues on line. However, you will be charged a modest processing fee of $4.50 to use your credit card or your PayPal account for a total of $152.50.

You can also donate on line to one of our worthy community programs. Our processor charges us a processing fee to accept your contribution but that fee is not passed on to you. We feel it is important that all of the monies we receive go directly to the designated program.

With the buttons at the bottom of the page, you can pay your dues on line, contribute to our community programs, donate to a general fund for use by the lodge, or view your current selections. Clicking any of the three donation buttons will donate one dollar. You can increase your donation by changing the quantity at checkout.

For security purposes, PayPal will ask for your email address and phone number. They do not share that information with us or anyone else as they use that information only for verification and security. So please provide your phone number and email address in the PLEASE SHARE YOUR PHONE/EMAIL box.