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Oasis Lodge #52

"The Place to be for Masonry"

Oasis #52 Yahoo Group

Oasis #52 Has Its Own Private Yahoo Group

This has many useful and free features for our members. You can:

Before setting up an account, you should know that all users of Yahoo Groups get a lot of Spam email so please DO NOT USE your regular email account. Instead, send the Webmaster an email from your regular account. He will then set up an Oasis #52 email account for you so that any mail sent there will automatically be forwarded to your regular email account. You can choose just about any name you want for the Oasis #52 account but normally it is something like

To fully utilize the Oasis #52 Yahoo Group, you will also need a Yahoo ID. Create one for our Yahoo group even if you already have a Yahoo ID as it will reduce the amount of Spam you might receive. Use your Oasis #52 email address to receive the messages people post; not your new Yahoo email address. That way, the messages will automatically be forwarded to your regular email address.